Corporate Sponsorship

Strategic partnerships with organisations aligned with our mission and values play a vital role in delivering our work and impact.


They also make a huge difference to the communities of people who would not otherwise be able to access this sport. Our unique approach focuses on not only making climbing accessible to marginalised groups, but prioritising quality climbing so that the wider sport is developed and made more diverse. Our focus on promoting health and wellbeing through sport and fitness has led to a positive impact on over 11,000 individuals and families across London in 2022. Almost 10% of these were children. We engaged our community and got them active and moving, helped to tackle obesity and promoted both the physical and mental health benefits of an active lifestyle. By addressing these issues, we are creating a lasting impact on our community and promoting positive change, and we hope that is something you want to do too!

Companies can support us tax-free through Payroll Giving, or by using Virtue to give customers a free, personalised option to donate for a climate cause when they shop. They can also become one of our Corporate Partners, and support us through annual donations and challenge events. If you want to use your platform to create a social impact, contact our fundraising team and we'll help determine what's right for you!